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Before you ever step foot on your roof to install new shingles, you must make sure that your work area is clean, organized and safe. The following guide will teach you the necessary safety measures you must take when installing a new roof on your home. Continue reading to learn how to keep you, your loved ones and children safe during installation.

Identify any safety hazards before you step on the roof. Walk around your home looking for dangers such as overhead power lines, steep roof lines, dangerous items on the ground such as toys, yard tools, etc. The area immediately surrounding your home should be free of any of these items. Move all outdoor toys, tools, etc. from the immediate vicinity.

Tarps should be placed over all plants around the home to help avoid damage during the installation of a new roof. When you place a tarp over your plants, make sure that the tarp completely covers the plant and extends out past the plant by at least a couple of feet. This will ensure any dropped nails or tar does not end up on the plant or in the soil surrounding the home.

Cars should be moved a safe distance away from the construction area to avoid damage. If you have items such as a pool or a hot tub near the home, they will need to be protected from any falling debris or tools as well. Do this by using tarps or covers.

Installing a roof on your home can be dangerous if you do not follow the safety procedures listed above. It is essential that you ensure the work area is organized and clean before starting any type of home repair or remodel. These safety precautions will help protect you, your loved ones and your pets from injury.