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If you are putting a new roof on your home or business, there are several things to consider. One of the most common questions that are asked is whether stair step or staggered shingles are best. This article will discuss the difference between the two to help you decide which method is best for you.


Professional roofers often use this method because it is faster. The roofer installs the shingles in a single column from the bottom of the roofline to the peaks. This keeps the roofer from moving back and forth, which wastes time. Additionally, the roofer can lay the shingles beside the column which also save time and energy. Once one column is completed, the roofer goes back to the eave and begin laying out the next vertical column to the beak.

Stair Stepping

Stair stepping is what most people consider the “normal” method of installing shingles. The roofer begins by installing a row of shingles across the bottom of the roof. Then, the roofer begins running the shingles all the way across the roof until he reaches the peak. Once he reaches the peak, the roofer begins at the bottom of the other side of the roof and works his way back up to the peak before installing the ridge vent. This method of installing shingles does not involve lifting or tugging on the newly installed shingles. The downside to this installation is you must move the bundles of shingles along the roof as they are installed.

No matter the method of installation, you want a roofer who does a good job. The end result of both of these methods is the same- a great looking, leak proof roof. If you are installing the roof yourself, use the method you feel most comfortable using.