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As you take on the task of installing your new roof, there are some things that you should be cautious of. Sure, you need a designated work area, you need to be safe on your roof and make sure you are not near electrical lines and poles, and you should keep your yard and the things in it safe from falling debris, but there are other things you should pay special attention to while you are actually installing the roof. Read on to learn about the special care you should take while installing a roof.

First of all, properly installing the starter shingles is crucial. When a roofing system fails, it is most commonly attributed to starter shingles that are not properly installed. The starter is what helps with the wind resistance, so make sure to install them properly.

Another thing to take special precaution with is nailing. Nails that are angled or under-driven can cause problems in the future. It can cause premature failure, blow-offs, and blistering. When installing shingles, the nail type, length, angle, location, and force are all very important.

You should also make sure there is proper ventilation while installing a roof. This helps reduce moist, hot air in your attic, which damages items stored there, increases energy costs, and can reduce the life of your roofing system. Ridge vents are a smart option for this.

In conclusion, installing a roof correctly is quite important. Being that the roofing system on any building is the most important feature, you should make sure that you properly start the roof, nailing in the right way, and allow for plenty of ventilation, you can assure that your roof will stand the test of time and do its job in the best way possible.